Are you looking for Crypto content writer for top cryptocurrencies and altcoins?

Our team of crypto traders and analysts will be able to provide almost all the popular crypto tokens you are looking for; such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and yes the recent meme craze Pepe token. We can provide you daily technical analysis and give you a brief update on its latest price over different periods and market cap to date.

Meet <insert name>, your uncompromised Crypto content contributor.

This is not a bug, <insert name> is just to grab your attention because when you engage our services, our analysis will look like yours and we will be your Crypto analyst. If you are an analyst yourself, you can make use of our analysis to and brand it as your own to save up your time so you can focus on other tasks.

Meet Vladimir, your crypto expert.

We will assist to analyze daily price action on the top ten cryptocurrencies and also a weekly report if you add on more services.

Because he is experienced in Forex and crypto markets as well, he will provide the Majors currency pairs technical analysis and currency strength updates, and look through the top crypto currency tokens to give a daily update of the price action.

Last but not least, Vladimir will also research on daily economic news from the major economies; such as nonfarm payroll from the U.S. and Bank of Japan policy interest rate announcement to inflation rate in the eurozone. He will also prepare a weekly overview of the above in PDF format.

To wrap up, Carlos with his team of Crypto traders will offer email subscription option to busy traders who have no time to visit his news website so you can be sure that everyone has the choice to stay updated via either the web, Telegram channel or email.

And yes, Vladimir is a full-time price action trader.

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Let us be your market analysts, and you can rebrand as if you are the market analyst team behind the analysis.

Our extensive knowledge in Forex, crypto and stocks markets provide readers valuable information yet updated.

Focus on your sales and marketing, let us do the rest for you.

We are crypto traders too.

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Why Us?

Brokers need to focus on their sales and marketing to bring in more retail clients rather than paying for services that are behind paywall. At CMA, we provide you full branding awareness without paywall and marketing capabilities yet at a minimum cost so you don’t need to worry about content, but focus on bringing in the traders. That’s what you need to do.

Remember, we are traders too and no, we never needed to integrate any software to improve our trading. Have you?  Rather, we rely on price action analysis and daily news to keep ourselves informed with the financial markets. That is the purest form of getting experience without confusion.

Are you looking to hire or to build your brand presence?

Most of the clients we work with, they are looking for competent content contributors to increase their online presence via web, social media and email marketing. We also believe that you don’t need to pay more to build your brand awareness. With CMA, we build a 100% private label brand and we believe you should benefit from all the marketing efforts you make to grow your brand.

Branding awareness and marketing are not difficult, but you need to stay focus on the core of your business, and cut the cost away from unnecessary applications that are behind a paywall.

Your brand deserve awareness, pay for what its worth. Not less, not more.

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